Interview with Magazine

  • Interview with PANART magazine -May 2015
  • Interview with whitewall special issue for winter -Jan 2017
  • Interview with The Heroine’s Magazine -France Journey 2017
  • Interview with Today’s Youth Magazine special issue for Persian new year, March 2017
  • Interview with Rosh’d Honnar magazine Fall Quarterly – 2018


Interview with news media and newspapers

  • News report of Iranian cultural Counseling in Germany 2015
  • Interview with Evan Honnar broadcast- October 2016
  • Interview with National Visual Art counting-house 2018
  • Interview with Mehr news media in Kharazmi festival 2017
  • Interview with Etefagheyeh Newspaper 2019
  • Interview with Sabhay Atrak broadcast- 2019
  • Interview with Pelak Radio program/show-2020


Peter: You Only Die Once. What music would I listen to on my last day?
Atyeh: Actually, the song “Flying” by Anathema, describe the feeling of a person underwent a near-death experience, I just love it. A catchy tune and meaningful lyric. But I believe when I about to leave the world I will be so willing to listen to my mother’s heartbeats since that was the very first sound I heard, nothing can compare to it.

“Part of Interview with Heroins magazine”

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