International Painting Art Symposium is held every year with the support of UNESCO.

This event every year chosen talented artists from all over the world!
Atyeh Zeighami selected as a young painter from Iran .during the painting, Art Symposium Artists exchange ideas and creates works of art together for a week. the exhibition, Master class, technical Workshops were some other part of this Symposium.

In the Symposium time, the artists are free to create what the galleries and collectors don’t need… the communication between countries, cultures, and differences acts like the power that the artist never can have in his working place’s palette, where he must be absolutely alone. In the Symposium time, the words aren’t so important, also the words are too poor to explain the mystery of life and the mystery of art that is the last hope in the human soul. The official and international language of art is the basis of the Painting Symposium, which is so enough for the communication of people, with similarities and differences.

This year, the Czech Republic hosted the event. The festival was held in Prague.

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