PIIACUF, Malaysia, 2019


On July 25-28, 2019, the 5th International Festival of Islamic Art and Culture (PIIACUF) is being held in Putrajaya, it is devoted to the theme “The Splendor of Art & Music, Vocal of the World”.Since its inception, PIIACUF has welcomed over 1 million visitors through its doors and has progressed as an iconic event which is eagerly anticipated especially by Muslim communities across the globe.

Entering its 5th edition this year, PIIACUF returns to enchant and delight arts and culture lovers with the theme “The Splendor of Music & Vocal of the Islamic World.” This year, visitors will get to see a variety of musical instruments, experience different elements of sounds, music, and theater which are used as a medium to convey emotions. Visitors can enjoy and learn about the instrument collection not only through exhibitions but also by way of talks, live demonstrations, concerts, and publications.

PIIACUF 2019 is proud to feature original, beautiful, and enduring craft-works and calligraphy from wood carving, batik canting, metal craft, and many more. Catch live demos, talk with the skilled craftsmen, and get hands-on experience and information during our craft-making workshop.PIIACUF further strengthened its credentials as one of the foremost meeting point for Islamic arts and cultural exchange and interaction by welcoming 6 international participants this year –  Turkey, Uzbekistan, Brunei, Morocco, Iran, and IRCICA. Meanwhile, Malaysia will be represented by Tourism Malaysia, the state of Melaka, Terengganu, and Kelantan.PIIACUF2019 invites you to revel in the musical richness and beautiful renditions of Islamic songs and poetry with amazing local talents  –  Datuk Ramli Sarip, Ingham, UNIC, Raihan, Zul Handy Black, Mel Wings, and Ijam Medicine. International Islamic Book Fair is the perfect place for book lovers to get the latest Islamic books and literature. Housing-in prominent Islamic book-sellers and publishers, the fair promises a vast array of Islamic books on display. Go bananas on the book sales and we’re back with even more discounts! 

This festival is performed every year in different countries under the supervision of CIOFF Organization. The main purpose of the festival is friendship, cultural discourse and sharing the original ritual arts of every country. The Aien music group along with the Art group is the agents of Iran in this festival.Atyeh Zeighami as an Artist from Iran to exhibit her Artwork and got certificated for her Workshops.


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